Marina F. W.
Handwritten text that reads: Marina F. W. is an illustrator and artist interested in symbolism, print-making and textile art. Keep scrolling to see her work.
A black and white illustration of flowers
A concertina book featuring a big illustration of a mountain A quilt wall hanging featuring a mountain

The Mountain

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Handwritten text that reads: Through drawing and handicraft, her practice is focused on art as a way to navigate the unknown.
An illustration depicting a man in a grocery store An illustration depicting a sheepman in the mountains An illustration featuring POC working the land

Client: Climate in Colour

A selection of illustrations
for their Instagram page

A black and white screenprinted fabric with a comic-like sequence on it

Penumbra: Genesis

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A quilt wall hanging made with naturally dyed fabrics featuring a linocut print of a bird and a nest A zoomed in picture of the same quilt wall hanging Multiple quilt wall hangings, all with the same design, stacked

I am safe / I am home | Past resistance, there is abundance
(2021, 2022)

A series of wall hangings made with naturally dyed fabrics and cyanotype scraps
+ linocut print illustration around the idea of home. Available for purchase here

Two colouring-in sheets featuring the same illustration of a big tree

Taking care of our inner and outer trees

Colouring page available for purchase here.
All the proceeds are donated to Treedom

An illustration of a little girl dreaming about plants

Client: Fundación Coca Cola x Museo ABC de Ilustración

Illustration commissioned for their 57th catalogue featuring
the winners of their annual Young Talent writing contest

Handwritten text that reads: To read more about her research-based projects focused on symbolism, check out: